Singapore Winner Of Financial Race

Jun 19 2019 / By Jones John

As Singapore has been the leading financial company in the region it has always stood out. The country had a focus to be leading in one major sector which is the financial part; standing out. This has made the country able to win the Regional Financial Hub Race. As amazing as Singapore is on this field, yet the competitors including Honk King and China had huge setbacks in terms of extradition bulls which has made them lose the race.

According to recent news, a survey was conducted to help assess the financial progress of all the leading countries in the field. This survey was given to almost 2,520 different people who work in the financial sector as professionals; referenced through the London-based research group’s press release. This survey was a means to compare between the leading companies in the region in terms of financial services and according to the results Singapore might be looking much better than Honk Kong. Singapore was given the position as the third world coming in front of China and Honk Kong.

This was aided with the fact that Singapore is a central hub for technology which ads to their points system and accordingly increase the income of the country. Furthermore, it was considered as a touristic place for people which is the main change point of the economy of any country. The country is a very strong part of the whole area which makes it stand out and grow faster.