Switch & Co Expansion in Honk Kong

The new tech app in United Arab Emirates known as Switch & Co was able to recently start their move towards the expansion to the rest of the world. This app is focused on health and wellness and is based in Dubai, being one of the most developed cities for healthcare in the world. The first expansion for this app was through a deal signed lately in Honk Kong which more details will still be released in a matter of days. This app has been operating for 2 years in the region with high number of users and reviews showing how strongly established they are.

The main role of the app is to help users be able to book different activities that are all related to the wellness and health of the customers. This includes booking sports, fitness centers and other activities.

This was commented on by the co-founder of the company, Gary Blowers by saying, “You prepare yourself for a certain outdoor lifestyle when you move to Dubai, but very early on, I realized that online booking just wasn’t widespread and even basic e-commerce was in its infancy. It still is really, the market is just not mature. Not only was finding things to do a real challenge but the next step of committing to it and booking it was another challenge. You’d try to call up places, they wouldn’t answer – it seemed that there were too many barriers to participation.”