One thing that places the high value on japan is the automobile industry. With consistently being on the top since the 1960’s, it is one of the most prominent & largest industries in the world. Japan excels in the quality of production & the skilled human resource stands above all. KAIZEN works on the principle of “change is good” & aims at continuous effort to ensure the growth & improvement of the employees & organization. Automobile manufacturers like Toyota on the top with 45% of domestic production, Nissan, Daihatsu & Suzuki, japan has been on the top for many decades. The current scenarios of japan are tough to believe are a point of discussion for every industrial analyst.

According to the data released by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, Japanese sales of mainstream registered vehicles declined by 4.7% during March. Talking about the leading manufacturer & Company “Toyota”, according to Mark lines, the month of august recorded the increase in sales by 6.7% to 388,600 units. The Japanese government is all set to go ahead with the consumption tax hike from 8% to 10% planned for October 2019. According to the analyst, it is said that the sales of the automobile sector to be decreased because of the consumption tax increase. The dominance of the Automobile sector in japan is in danger as it has noticed a major decline in the Skilled labor & with the consumer’s behavior changing drastically; now the interest of youth has been shifted towards the public transport. Japan has always been the resource provider of this sector but with the fading situations it will be fervent to see how the industry experts & the quality of working in this country change the condition and give a restart to the profits.