Nuclear Medicine Market

Huge Demand for Nuclear Medicine Market 2019 top key companies profiled like Cardinal Health, GE Healthcare, Curium , Bayer, Lantheus Medical Imaging

Nuclear medicine radiologists, additionally called nuclear radiologists, are doctors who utilize radioactive materials, called radiopharmaceuticals, to analyze and treat infection. They utilize such strategies as scintigraphy, which uses Nuclear medicine utilizes radioactive materials to help analyze and treat a wide assortment of illnesses and clutters. Nuclear medicine enables doctors to analyze the sickness prior to make treatment increasingly compelling. It’s the best early cautioning framework for particular sorts of coronary illness, thyroid malady, tumors, bone changes, and so on.

Nuclear Medicine Market anticipated witnessing high Growth by +6% CAGR during the forecast year 2019-2025.

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The Report includes Several Company Profiles of who are market key players: Cardinal Health, GE Healthcare, Curium , Bayer , Lantheus Medical Imaging , Advanced Accelerator Applications , Jubilant Life Sciences .

Nuclear Medicine Market by Type

  • Diagnostics

SPECT Radiopharmaceuticals

      • Technetium-99m
      • Thallium-201
      • Gallium-67
      • Iodine-123
      • Other SPECT Isotopes (In-111 and Xe-133)

PET Radiopharmaceuticals

      • Fluorine-18
      • Rubidium-82
      • Other PET Isotopes (C-11, N-13, O-15, Cu-64, I-124, and Ga-68)
  • Therapeutics

Beta Emitters

      • Iodine-131
      • Samarium-153
      • Rhenium-186
      • Yttrium-90
      • Lutetium-177
      • Beta Emitters (Co-60, Ru-106, Au-198, and Cs-137)

Alpha Emitters

      • Iodine-131

Brachytherapy Isotopes  

      • Iodine-125
      • Palladium-103
      • Cesium-131
      • Iridium-192
      • Brachytherapy Isotopes (Cu-67, Yb-175, Sr-90, P-32, P-33, Ho-166, Re-188, and Sn-117m)

Nuclear Medicine Market by Applications

  • Diagnostics


      • Cardiology
      • Lymphoma
      • Neurology
      • Thyroid
      • Other SPECT Applications (prostate cancer diagnosis, bone scans, and white cell scans)

PET Radiopharmaceuticals

      • Oncology
      • Cardiology
      • Neurology
      • Other PET Applications
  • Therapeutics
    • Thyroid
    • Bone Metastasis
    • Lymphoma
    • Endocrine Tumors
    • Other Therapeutic Applications

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Global Nuclear Medicine Market by region: North America, South America, Asia & Pacific,  Europe,  MEA (Middle East and Africa)

Nuclear Medicine Market by Procedural Volume

Diagnostics Market

    • SPECT
    • PET
  •  Therapeutics Market
    • Beta Emitters
    • Alpha Emitters
    • Brachytherapy Isotopes

Global Nuclear Medicine Market Report gives answers to following Vital Questions:

  1. What are the risks associated with the sourcing of raw material, or holding the line on costs of services?
    2. Who are the emerging competitors in the Global Nuclear Medicine industry?
    3. Expected percentage of the Global Nuclear Medicine Market Growth over upcoming period?
    4. Why does Global Nuclear Medicine Market have high growth potential?
    5. How does this Report match with Investment Policy Statement?

Global Nuclear Medicine Market Report includes major TOC points:

  1. Global Nuclear Medicine Market Overview and Scope
    2. Classification of Global Nuclear Medicine by Product Type, Market Share by Type
    3. Global Nuclear Medicine Market Size Comparison by Region, by Application
    4. Global Nuclear Medicine Status and Prospect
    5. Global Nuclear Medicine Competition by Players/Suppliers, Revenue, Market Share, Growth Rate
    6. Global Nuclear Medicine Market Players/Suppliers Profiles and Sales Data, Price and Gross Margin
    7. Global Nuclear Medicine Manufacturing Cost Analysis, Key Raw Materials Analysis, Manufacturing Process Analysis

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