Dyson no longer has automotive investments in Singapore

HOME appliance giant Dyson has discarded its entire automotive sector, including its plan for an electric car plant in Singapore, the British firm made it public on Thursday.

Founder James Dyson said the UK company is closing the division due to a scarcity of commercial feasibility. Dyson had announced that it has made its patents for its electric car in May.

They worked hard throughout the plan but they could make it commercially viable.

In October 2018, the firm – best known for its bagless vacuum cleaners – said it will manufacture its electric cars at a two-story facility in Singapore, with a target to launch the first car in 2021. In January this year, Dyson said that it was shifting its headquarters from the UK to Singapore.

Tan Kong Hwee, assistant managing director at Singapore’s Economic Development Board, said the Republic will continue to play a vital role in Dyson’s development plans.

“We understand that Dyson has chosen to concentrate on growing its core home business, including new product categories, and on the development of its battery technology… This leads to the creation of exciting job opportunities in its HQ, R&D, and manufacturing teams,” he said.

Mr. Tan added: “As Dyson’s decision not to go after the electric vehicle business was taken at an early stage, the impact to its operations and workforce in Singapore will be minimal. Singapore and Dyson have had a strong partnership for more than 10 years and we eagerly look forward to building on this partnership.”

Dyson will continue to spread in Singapore and other global locations, Mr. Dyson said. It will also think of manufacturing solid-state batteries and other technologies, such as sensing and vision systems and robotics, machine learning, as well as Artificial Intelligence.