Around 7.4 billion dollars were spent by Black Friday shoppers online. This was considered to be the 2nd largest Internet shopping day ever, as per the data collected by Adobe Analytics.

The 7.4 billion dollars made it the biggest sales day ever for Black Friday. The first one was last year’s Cyber Monday’s 7.9bn dollars in online revenue, as per Adobe’s data. At $168, the average order value per consumer increased by almost 6 percent year-over-year and hence made it as the new Black Friday record. As per the measurement of Adobe Analytics, transactions were recorded from 80 of the leading 100 online retailers of the United States.

‘Small Business Saturday’ has already witnessed 470M dollars in online spend, which is an increase of 18 percent from that of last year. It is expected that till 9 am the sales will be surpassing 3 billion dollars for the day, Adobe revealed.

The head of Adobe Digital Insights, as well as, a principal analyst, Taylor Schreiner, passed a statement that said that as the Christmas is now approaching rapidly, consumers have started jumping on their phones instead of standing-up in line. Small Business Saturday will be increasing the sales for those retailers who can offer distinctive products, as well as, services that haven’t been or cannot be provided by the giant retailers.

There is an increase of 20 percent in online sales as compared with those of last year, as per the data revealed by Adobe. The increase in cyber activity is an indication that consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with the idea of purchasing larger items at a discounted price without the need of standing in line in crowded stores.  Adobe is still hoping that spending on Cyber Monday will be hitting an even bigger record of 9.4 billion dollars this year.