According to news, Malaysia is well evolved in the aerospace industry which is one of the strongest and most developing fields in the world. The country has recently showed that they are well-developed in terms of providing parts and the whole supply chain process for the aerospace field. The main company in the aerospace field is Maia which is led by one of the biggest experts in the field in the country.

The country is believed that it was in a very premature stage with only few or no talents nor products that can be provided by the aerospace industry. However, after investments and different developments, the county is now mature enough to handle its own supply chain and start impacting the world through their aerospace field.

This was commented on by sector Datuk Naguib Mohd Nor, the president of Malaysian Aerospace Industry Association (Maia)  by saying, “We have come a long way ... from the time we ventured into the aerospace sector ... and now we can tackle complex issues of manufacturing and services for this highly demanding sector. The global supply chain system allows our capacity to grow. Innovation is a key to future survival and growth. AI is used in the maintenance of the aircraft. However, this is still In the implementation stage. Malaysia faces the challenge of finding qualified workforce. Consequently, the emphasis is now being placed on technical vocational training. I must point out that Selangor and Penang are leading in this field and have organizations which are much more industry–oriented.”