Saudi Arabia contains many different local companies and businesses that play a very vital and important role in the country. One major company to discuss in such manner is Al Salem Johnson Controls which is centered on solutions for energy efficiency. The company has lately been active and have been achieving many different jobs  and deals.

This has inspired the company to take a step forward towards expansion and focus. The company has recently announced that they will move their factory towards the King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) Industrial Valley. This city is a huge project announced back in 2005 which includes an area for all major companies to create their HQ, factories and main bodies.

The main focus of the factory that will be located in the area is to take care of all logistic services needed by the King Abdullah. This is the second largest port in the country which handles many transactions that will be suited for the company and the expansion.

Dr. Mohanad Al Shaikh, the CEO of Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK) commented on the move and the deal reached saying, “The factory’s new location at KAEC will broaden our exports to the regional and international markets, by taking advantage of the strategic shipping routes of King Abdullah Port in the Red Sea Region. The Company's factory in the Economic City will contribute in providing advanced technologies to the Kingdom, providing support to the Region's projects.”