Saudi Arabia has been expanding in the business world opening doors for many different foreign investors and business men. However, to cope with these changes, the country has started to make more moves towards being more open to the public. These changes include major changes in culture and rules that has been there in the country for years. A few cutbacks where made which were easy to let go off by the Saudi community including women driving, concerts and cinemas.

However, the major concern is the introduction and allowing alcohol and drinking routines which is one of the biggest habits for the business world. It is safe to say that this news excited a few Saudi locals while still adds concerns to others as it is considered a taboo not from cultural stance but from the religious one. Being the top Muslim country in the world and holding both the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah it gets hard to accept such changes.

This was commented on by ruler Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman through saying, “We’re in a totally different era. We thought there won’t be movie theaters in the country, that women won’t enter sports stadiums or drive—now it’s all reality and very natural. The quality of life and lifestyle are not good. They want to work one week in Dubai and one week in Saudi Arabia. Come on, what’s happening? Without moving from Saudi-based laws and religion.”