The business world is full of many different deals and partnerships which will change the course of the industry. The business world is full of deals which are changing the course of field. Saudi Arabia is one of the most excelling countries in the business field lately due to the different deals and expansions taking place daily. One of their biggest companies in the business field, working in the oil industry is Aramco which has lately started their IPO session making one of the biggest deals for shares in the region if not the world.

Saudi Arabia has announced that they will commit to the shares that will be sold for Aramco through the movement of public offering the company is going through. This is expected to take place by the end of the next year (2020) or maximum by the start of the year after which is 2021. It is still early for the country to announce where the IPO will take place and given that this deal is one of a kind and huge, it should be planned well enough for control purposes. This move will also allow different foreign bodies and international agencies to start rating the books of the company helping people understand where it stands.

This was commented on by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman by saying, “We are committed to the IPO of Saudi Aramco based on appropriate conditions and at the right time. This will take place in (late) 2020 or the start of 2021.”