Aramex, one of the leading deliver companies throughout the world is hoping for larger expansions in Saudi Arabia. The company is hoping to double the number of Saudi employees who are currently working with the company to be able to expand the points of deliver in Saudi Arabia for efficient expansion.

The expansion is expected to take place on a timeline of two years, with a start decision taken by the company of hiring a total 1000 Saudi nationals to be part of the Aramex Fleet. This was part of a new program which started back in December of 2018.

The program was explained further by Iyad Kamal which is the Chief Operating Officer of Aramex in Saudi Arabia by commenting saying, “Whenever there is a spike in business, instead of recruiting new people and having them on standby, we have a crowd source model. People come and subscribe to the model online, put their license, ID and all the paperwork required, come into classroom training at Aramex and go with a courier on a route. From there, they are on standby to start delivering packages. Whenever there is a peak, they notify them.”

The expansion is yet to start growing with more job opportunities for Saudi nationals and greater partnerships with leading companies in Saudi Arabia. One of the main partnerships was in the pharmaceutical field in Saudi Arabia, which plays a very huge and important role. The partnership was conducted with Al-Dawaa Medical Services Co. (DMSCO) which has a total of 20 branches across Saudi Arabia.