One of the biggest deal in the history of Saudi Arabia is taking part right now, which is a new city or capital that will hold all entertainment facilities and services in the city. According to recent news released by one of the biggest investment companies in the region, Qiddiya, Saudi Arabia will start building a mega project featuring the biggest capital of entertainment in the region if not the world.

This new business idea will go by the name of  “Capital of Entertainment” and is shared with Bjarke Ingles Group which is a Danish corporate. The city will be located 45 Km from Riyadh the capital city of the kindom and will have a total area of 334 sq km. According to news, only 30% of this area will contain facilities while the other 70% will all contain natural habitats and greenery. The area is expected to host a total of 5000 to 40,000 visitors daily which is the biggest host in the whole country.

This was commented on by the CEO of Qiddiya Investment Company, Michael Reininger who said the following, “The property will bring together the elements for an active, healthy and ambitious lifestyle and crate a series of pedestrian-oriented episodes that encourage discovery, trial and enjoyment. The people of Saudi Arabia share the universal desire for enriching experiences, and our plan allows Qiddiya to unlock access to these experiences in a new and culturally relevant way, encouraging personal and professional pursuits that foster enrichment.”