Singapore is a strong country when it comes to its financial stance. It is strong in terms of its financial standards due to the strong export and economy stance the country possess. Being able to handle such a strong financial stance needs a strong team of financial experts to hold the work. However, a recent study conducted by a team of financial professionals has just recently found that it is hard to find financial professionals in Singapore.

According to the study, almost 4 in 5 Singapore CFOs struggle to hire finance professionals. This was shocking compared to the financial standards and stance the country is currently in. The struggle for CFOs have reached a percentage of almost 83% of not finding a professional financial member. The problem with the statistics obtained is the fact that the numbers are expected to rise to a more negative value. These results were found and reported in the Robert Half’s Salary Guide 2019.

According to the managing director of Robert Half Singapore this is something to worry about. He released a statement addressing this issue saying, “Within this hiring climate, talented financial candidates within the areas of risk, auditing, financial and client management are particularly in high demand as financial institutions and private banks continue to expand their footprint across Asia. Meanwhile, the rise of e-payments is creating strong demand for accountants and credit controllers who are able to efficiently streamline strategic responsibilities for businesses.”