New news rise from the automotive industry in Japan not related to the Nissan, Renault and Fiat crisis. Other competitors in the field are working hard trying to find a different and new product to be add to their sea of development to help push them cease the market while the leading companies are still recovering from the trauma. This was the case with Subaru who is the number one competitor for Nissan and Renault in Japan who decided to move and create their own full platform for electric vehicles. This platform is a combined project and partnership that they have with Toyota to use both their technologies in only one body.

This new platform is dedicated to midsize and large electric vehicles and is also customized for SUV who are powered by batteries. Their new electric products are made in a move with the automotive industry to find alternative energy sources and more green solutions. The fun does not stop here as the company has decided that they will implement their well-known and developed all-wheel drive system together with the electric technologies from the vehicles of Toyota.

This was commented on by an expert in the company of Subaru working on the project who said the following: “Subaru and Toyota believe that it is necessary to pursue a business model that goes beyond convention, crossing over industrial boundaries.” The development plan is expected to break the electric vehicle market and standout compared to other competitors.