China has delayed an important discussion the UN Security Council had kept for Tuesday regarding the conflict in the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir. According to diplomats the cause was that the UN peacekeeping mission was unwilling to brief the situation.

Located in the Himalayans, the region has been a hotly contested area of conflict between the nuclear powers Pakistan and India. Both countries only control a certain portion of the area despite claiming the right to rule all of it.

Since 1949, the UN has deployed peacekeepers to attempt to bring a ceasefire between the two countries fighting over Jammu and Kashmir.

Following Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi who expressed concerns to the council over the potential of escalating tensions, China had asked for closed-door briefing.

"We all know the Security Council has received a letter from the foreign minister of Pakistan requesting Security Council discussions and discussions are going on,"  according to China's UN Ambassador Zhang.

The last time the council met with closed doors was in August, which was also requested by China following India removing an old autonomy affecting Indian-occupied Kashmir.

In the aftermath, the Muslim-majority area suffered a severe lockdown, with internet and communication cut off and strict curfews imposed.

Over their long and bitter history, India has attempted to maintain its control as revolution unfolds. Blame is thrown towards Pakistan for inciting violent behavior, while Pakistan openly denies any involvement.

"The situation presents a present danger to peace and security in our region," Pakistan's UN Ambassador Munir Akram stated this Tuesday. "We welcome the fact that the council remains seized of the matter."

Many resolutions were adopted in 1948 and later on by the UN Security Council regarding the dispute between Pakistan and India over the area. One such includes a plebiscite to determine who controls the area. Another such resolution calls for both countries to avoid making any comments or actions that will only incite further tensions.