Corporates all over the world are changing their ways of operations and the trends of the once set corporate sector are also seeing a huge change with the values and the corporate environment of the world changing.

Sweden is known for its unique approach towards the energy sector but now its unique approach is spreading across all the sectors of the nation and we can see the change in the different operational aspects of the nation’s industries. Sweden does not have any restrictions, fees, taxes or other disadvantages for foreign investors regarding investment or ownership of a project and related companies. Sweden is a safe haven for several bilateral investment treaties. Sweden has also signed the United Nations Convention on Transparency in Treaty-based Investor-State Arbitration, which aims to improve the transparency in investor-state dispute settlement. The bilateral investment treaties aim to give foreign investors the same treatment as national investors and other foreign investors. The treaties also make sure that foreign investors are treated equally and reasonably. Further, the treaties regulate how investors shall be compensated if expropriation occurs. Foreign investors are entitled to the same compensation as domestic investors are which makes it different than the other economies. Registration is generally not needed to benefit from the bilateral investment treaties.

Now as the trend of circular economy is gaining momentum the nation’s leading the sustainable economies are benefitting the most as they expand their infrastructure to support the changes in trends as well as the environmental situations. We can expect Sweden’s corporate sector to bring some reforms to the global stage just like it did with the energy sector.