United Arab emirates focuses to take part of all developed projects and high tech industries. This is why it is always keen on sending Emirati locals to learn in different fields that are not provided in the country. This includes the aerospace field, where the government sends a few of its finest men which included astronauts Hazzaa AlMansoori and Sultan AlNeyadi in the last round. Both astronauts are set to move with the ISS mission making them the first Arab and Emirati astronauts to ever mount the International Space Station.

The seats for the flight are to be customized according to the exact body measurements of both astronauts. These were measurements taken by Roscosmos and then, using a Soyuz mockup mini bathtub, the seats were manufactured in details. The sizes will be tried on by both astronauts with  all different positions that could be faced during the flight.

More commented were seen on the adventure by the director general of MBRSC, Mr. Yousuf Hamad AlShaibani saying, “Beginning to design two custom Soyuz MS-15 seats for AlMansoori and AlNeyadi is a new and important step in sending the first Arab and Emirati astronaut to the ISS. Manufacturing the custom Soyuz MS-15 seats is highly dependent on several safety and security factors, including ensuring that the sizes of the chairs are accurate, as well as sitting on them and experimenting several positions, as a necessary procedure to ensure the safety and comfort of the astronauts aboard their trip to the ISS. This is currently being worked on.