Malaysia’s industrial trail is increasing lately with high visions for future growth and building better structures. As the country is focusing on the industrial sector, the environment and ecosystem might not be accepting the change. According to recent reports, the online hiring process for employees for the engineering, construction and real estate industry has been declining and not efficient anymore.

This has always been the number one method in Malaysia for hiring as almost all the country have availability to internet. However, recently this has not been an effective method, with low numbers of applicants reaching out for work. This is considered as the lowest value reached by the country this year, provided by the Monster Employment Index (MEI). The MEI is a scale and platform which posts jobs online for employees in Malaysia. It focuses on studying the online hiring market through a website called Accordingly, reports are then presented showing the values of the hiring process monthly.

The values so far are dropping reaching 9% less than the value reached the last year at the same timing. This is more directed towards jobs in the engineering/production and real estate sector which has decline in particular with over 6% change; making this the hugest decline in its history.

This was commented on by Abhijeet Mukherjee, the CEO of and Middle East by saying, “The Malaysian economy continues to expand at a steady and promising pace. The country’s main economic sectors are expected to record positive growth, with the service and manufacturing sectors projected to grow by 5.7% and 4.8% respectively.”