The Belfast City Marathon which took place on Sunday, May 5 underwent a series of discrepancies. Belfast covered a distance of 26 miles and 385 yards. However, the Belfast City Marathon organizers later apologized the participants pleadingly - the participants had to run an extra 0.3 miles because of managerial malfunction. The Belfast Marathon chairman called it a “human error”, and reasoned that the lead car had diverted from its official route. Due to this error, an extra of 460 additional meters were added to the original course of 26.2 miles. In his statement, he ensured that such an occurrence will never take place again. A statement issued by the event's course measurer, John Glover, revealed that the runners had twice been" taken off the measured route". The event’s chairman, David Seaton apologized for the grave discrepancy. It was mainly because the event had to take new legislation into consideration and the new course added to the confusion.

Victorious among the marathon participants were Kenyans, Joel Kositany and Caroline Jepchirchir.  Kositany added another medal to his achievements by securing his fourth Belfast men's marathon conquest. He crossed the finish line in two hours 18 minutes 40 seconds. Jepchirchir, on the other hand, set the record for fastest ever women's time in Belfast, 2:36:38. However the news of distance disparity made more rounds than any other highlights of the Marathon, or even the winner’s success.