The use and introduction of 5G to the world is a competition between all companies and countries. One of the first movers of this technology in the world is UAE which has lately announced through their own local telecom company Du that they will provide the technology through a handheld that they manufactured.

Along with this move, the company has decided to increase the total capex spent on their developments. This increase will be a total of 25% which will be reflected as a value of Dh1.5 billion.The main reason behind this capex increase is the fact that they are looking to boost their handheld penetration in the market with a value over 100%. This

This was commented on by the chief infrastructure officer of EITC by Saleem Al Blooshi who said, “Considering the ongoing development in the 5G ecosystem, next year’s allocation will certainly be higher. Safety and security concerns are our top priorities and they are addressed in this case. Our dedicated security teams even travelled to Huawei security centers in China to test the products, to ensure there is no cyber threat or any chance of hidden backdoor entry of bugs. We follow the same with all our suppliers. We always have alternate plans and follow a multi-vendor strategy. Depending on the market dynamics, we have control to accelerate one supplier and slow down the other. There is a next stage of 5G where technology will go to very high bands of about 20GHz, there we might need to talk about safety.”