Japanese Automotive industry has always been geared towards international markets and one of its most important customer market lies in the United States. With automotive all over the world facing a do or die situation Japanese firm Honda is expanding in Ohio, which is a good sign for the Japanese automotive sector.

Jefferson Industries Corp. which is one of Honda’s largest North American suppliers is expanding its Central Ohio operations. Jefferson Industries Corp., JobsOhio and One Columbus Wednesday announced a $10.8 million expansion expected to add 150 new jobs at the manufacturing facility of Jefferson Industries. West Jefferson-based Jefferson Industries opened 30 years ago in Central Ohio. Its parent company is based in Saitama, Japan.  The company produces auto body components for Honda and some other companies. Japan continues to be the Columbus region’s top source of foreign investment. There are 133 Japanese companies with operations in the region, led by Honda of American Manufacturing Inc., TS Tech Co. and Stanley Electric U.S. Co. Inc. This is a good sign for the automotive market which has seen a substantial slump in sales and investing in the past year.

Innovations to the automotive sector are proving essential to the growth of the automotive market, which was what was missing from the industry as the manufacturers were just churning out the same old techs and not trying to advance. The climate change and awareness of the common masses to employ a clean lifestyle has also forced the automotive to make a change and Japan seems to have already taken the lead in this.