The electric vehicle market is expanding greatly through the world due to the scarce materials in the energy field. Different companies in the automotive industry are trying to shift their business model and main product towards the electric field as it is more sustainable, cheaper and can withstand longer workload. One of the leading companies in the automotive industry by far is Japan’s Toyota which has always been providing the best commercial vehicles. This is why people are looking forward to check out what the company has hidden for it in terms of the new electric business model released.

The plans of the electric vehicle are now done and the cars themselves are out. The main point of focus for the car is the design they have which is different and will stand out in the market. They have announced that they are going to release their new electric business model by 2025.

This was commented on by Simon Humphries who is the global design chief of Toyota by saying, “These are new ways to try to find an identity for this. We're making a new platform for the car and trying to make a new experience for the people who buy it. This gives you a good idea of the platform's capability. You've got to anticipate the next big thing that's going to change the face. A lot of it is going to fall to sensors. The sensors for autonomous driving are largely based in the corners. So, the corner is going to be the next radiator.”