One of the most spoken about deals in the automotive industry in Japan is the new jointure between Renault and Fiat creating a hybrid car known a FCA. However, there appears to be a lot of unknown information about this deal that has shocked the world when released. According to recent news, Jean-Dominique Senard was actually hired by Renault to handle problems that they had with Nissan due to their previous manager Carlos Ghosn, who got arrested. However, news revealed that Mr. Senard had a different agenda in mind, where he took the decision of the merge with Fiat without including Renault into the cycle.

This move has failed tragically as Nissan has decided not to move with the deal and the main supplier France was lost. This problem has caused a lot of talks against Senard in the company with a lot of different legal issues that might rise for the manager.

This was commented on by an analyst at Invest Securities called Jean-Louis Sempe who said, “Senard is having a hard time fulfilling his mission with Nissan, and now France ran roughshod over him and the Fiat deal. He is not threatened, but he may decide to throw in the towel as this project is falling apart and relationships with Nissan are difficult.”

Mr. Senard’s reputation has been affected greatly by the move as he gave out promises to the government which were all out of context without any insurances.