Japan and France have consented to share data and investigate further participation on the car business. In a Memorandum of Cooperation, the two governments said they had "chose to build up an arrangement discourse planned for sharing data, supporting huge changes of the earth of the car business, and trading conclusions concerning the probability of further collaboration among Japan and France in modern strategy for the car business."

The improvement of the business condition with respect to social execution of computerized/self-sufficient driving, this will incorporate sharing perspectives about wellbeing assessment; distinguishing potential regular positions on security benchmarks; and sharing perspectives on issues identified with universal guidelines. The groups will share data on the particular national structures empowering experimentation of robotized/self-ruling driving and recognizing potential ways for a closer collaboration, for example, sharing test situations.

The groups will share sees on the improvement of the reuse of batteries and the points of view of institutionalization on related issues, for example, the leftover assessment of batteries. Likewise of concern are endeavors for guaranteeing a level playing field for battery generation and upgrading straightforwardness of store network of battery assets, by distinguishing approaches to advance moral sourcing of crude materials. They will likewise share sees on the points of view for creating reciprocal wellsprings of battery-grade crude materials through reusing and distinguishing open doors for collaboration.

Zapped vehicle strategy and charging framework establishment. This zone will cover open arrangements targeting diminishing CO2 outflow on a Well-to-Wheel premise, just as on the national inclusion of different sorts of charging foundation. The accomplices will share sees on imaginative charging innovations, for example, remote and bidirectional charging, and distinguish potential for expanding collaboration on analyses.

This zone will investigate hydrogen station establishment for infiltration to help energy component vehicles and sharing perspectives on the potential for hydrogen to help the change to a low-carbon economy.