Toyota as the leading business in the car industry has always worked hard to provide different models and products for customers. With the new developments and the products in the market the company has released first, second and third generation vehicles to cope with the different figments of the society. However, recently the company has released a statement announcing that they are expecting the fuel cell models to increase in price reaching the hybrid models.

This number is expected to be reached in a timeline of 10 years with the huge increase in prices and economies all over the world. This was commented on by Matt Harrison who is the European head of sales and marketing in Toyota globally. He commented on the results saying, “By the third generation we fully expect fuel cell costs to be comparable with hybrids. We believe fuel cell vehicles have a huge potential. There is no perfect technology to meet this task to succeed. We are preparing various alternatives and will let our customers decide which form of electrification suits them.”

The current sales in Japan for first generation models of fuel cell cars has reached a value of almost 7.2 million yen ($65,800). According to Matt this number can actually be reached by the second and third generation models in only 10 years. This is due to the changes that the automotive industry are moving through to reduce CO2 emissions and adding a more green solution to the market. This was part as a mission set by the European Union to solve climate change problems in the industry.