Singapore is a very strong country in terms of its economy. However, with the strong stance in finance this would need a strong caliber to handle the finances of the government and different private sector companies. However, according to a recent review on companies done by Hays, there is a well-observed problem and gap in finding experts for positions as common as accountants and other positions in the finance sector.

Hays is a global recruitment agency that focuses on providing professionals for all positions. However, even with the growth of foreign talent and experts who are based in Singapore, the financial sector seem to have a problem of finding the right people. This is a crucial issue, as the financial sector plays a very important role in the success of any company.

This has caused companies to push their early and fresh employees to higher position at low time intervals in order to secure their loyalty. This might not be the smartest idea, however the struggle has no other approach.

The regional director at Hays Singapore, Grant Torrens had something to say about the issue. He commented on the gaps saying, “Many organisations have been ramping up their efforts in investing in their employer value propositions to attract the best talent in the market, through professional social media networking and online content marketing. Such tactics are likely to grow each year as they prove to be effective in communicating the non-monetary benefits of working for a company.”