Electronics Manufacturing Korea 2019, is a conference held annually that holds the top high tech electronic technologies throughout the world. This conference is made for different companies to release their products and new developments during the conference, as means to showcase the technological updates of electronics in our world; inside one of the leading countries in electronics.

This year, a new face will appear in the conference as WUHAN HG LASER ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd has announced that they will be showcasing their newest laser technology during the conference. This company is considered a leading company in China, associated with laser technology. It was created as a sub-company from Huagongtech Co., Ltd.

This is considered as positive news for the conference due to the fact that HGLASERS play a very important role in the laser industry, providing high tech products. The company provides full power series of laser cutting systems, laser welding systems, laser marking series, laser texturing equipment, laser heat treatment systems, laser drilling machines, laser devices, all kinds of support devices, laser processing and plasma machining equipment, which are used widely in metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, automobiles, parts, aviation, military, precision instruments, machine manufacturing, hardware, integrated circuits, semiconductor manufacturing, solar, education, communication and measurement, packaging, leathers, plastics, rubbers, jewelries, crafts, medical equipment, etc.

The conference is considered as the largest Korean electronics conference ever since 2017. It is made possible by aids from the Autotronics Manufacturing Korea (AMK) who plays an important role to make it happen.