As part of the expansions in Saudi Arabia,  the country has recently signed a deal with their favorite Telecom company to increase the number of towers being used in the country. This would be one of the biggest deal that the Mauritius company IHS will have with Saudi Arabia in hopes to expand the telecom services to a bigger areas.

The project is said to hold a total of 30,000 towers including purchasing towers from currently existing company Zain reaching almost 8,100. This is part of a huge expansion plan for the company to expand in Saudi Arabia with future deals still being set with STC and Mobily the other two carrier services in the Kingdom. The company believes that Saudi  Arabia is a huge country in the Middle East which plays an important role, which is why they are looking to expand there for a start.

The group chief executive at IHS Towers Sam Darwish, commented on the move saying, “We are definitely interested and would love to develop potential deals with any operator in the Kingdom. There will be an influx point at some point soon, where growth or the transformation in the Kingdom is going to explode in a very positive way. And that’s why the number of towers for us could be somewhere between 10,000 and 30,000 (in approximately five years), because the Kingdom is on the verge of a massive change to the positive. Saudi Arabia is just beginning now the 5G rollout.”