3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, refers to adding successive layers of raw materials to create the objects that form a 3D file. In medical terms, 3D-printed implants allow surgeons to perform surgery by implanting biological objects, reducing the risk during surgery, reducing anesthetic exposure time, and the risk of infection. 3D printing is a rapidly emerging technology that allows major manufacturers in the medical field to create customized medical products and transplant them by replacing damaged biological structures. 3D-printed medical implants allow patients to recover quickly and thereby reduce hospital stay. In addition, preclinical trials prior to transplantation of 3D-printed organs reduce the likelihood of graft rejection.

Key players in 3D Printed Implants Market: 3D Systems Corporations, Stratasys Ltd., SLM Solutions Group AG, Envision TEC, Arcam AB, Organovo Holdings, Inc., Oxford Performance Materials, Inc., Materialise NV, Bio3D Technologies, Cyfuse Medical K.K.

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Segmentation of 3D Printed Implants Market:

By Products:
  • Cranial Plates
  • Hip Joints
  • Others
By Components:
  • System/Device
  • Materials
  • Services
By Implantation Technology:
  • Laser Beam Melting
  • Electronic Beam Melting
  • Droplet Deposition
  • Laminated Deposition
  • Two-photon Polymerization
By End-Users:
  • Medical and Surgical Centers
  • Pharma and Biotech Companies
  • Academic Institutions
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  • Who are the vendors of the global market?
  • What are the different challenges and risks addressed?
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