The coffee industry in the Middle East is predicted to grow to $44 billion by 202,1 rendering to Euromonitor International. Cultural swings across MENA have seen a growth in coffee consumption with sales increasing at twice the global average.

World Brewers Cup Champion and celebrity barista, Stefanos Domatiotis has presented a brewing gadget named the Brewista GEM Series Porcelain Dipper in the UAE.

Designed by Domatiotis, the brewing innovation is utilized to create cups of coffee for users of all experience stages.

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are expended globally every day and the world-wide market value of the beverage is expected to see an yearly growth amount of 5.5% according to Mordor Intelligence.

In a series of events directed in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, planned by Brewing Gadgets General Trading LLC, Stefanos Domatiotis provided live demonstrations of the newly launched product, also revealing his brewing tips and trickeries for using the Brewista GEM Series Dripper.

The GEM Series Porcelain Dripper comes with a thermo system which permits steady water flow and traps aroma modules as it is prepared with porcelain allowing heat retention and steady brewing.

Talking at the event, Stefanos Domatiotis stated: "Pour-over coffee brewing has gained a lot of acceptance not only among coffee professionals, but also amid consumers. However, the results were not always steady despite the availability of great devices and all the vital ingredients and skills. I was trying to find the answer to enable everyone out there to create a constant cup of coffee with extraordinary brew features and the GEM Series Porcelain Dripper seems to be the perfect solution”.