According to a former member of the cabinet of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Saudi Arabia has considered to buy Israeli natural gas, the most recent sign of warming ties between two formally hostile nations.

The discussion was held by the two countries on building a pipeline which would connect Saudi Arabia to Eilat, Ayoob Kara, referring to the conversations with “senior officials” in the region, stated in an interview in Jerusalem. Eilat, which is a city of Israel that banks the Gulf of Aqaba & is nearly 40 kilometers which is equivalent to 24.9 miles from the border, was picked for its proximity to Saudi Arabia.

There would be a requirement for formal diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia & Israel for an energy project of this magnitude & it is likely to stimulate political pushback. In the Arab world, Israel remains mainly disliked for its treatment of Palestinians, who live under siege in Gaza. Saudi Arabia and Israel have united behind shut doors in their hostility toward Iran but it might be still hard to achieve the formalization of an alliance.

A former communication minister, Kara, has been amongst the closest advisers of Netanyahu on with Arab countries & was one of the handful of Israeli cabinet members for appearing publicly in a Gulf state in the last year. He told that this is about a mutual interest.

Representatives for the energy ministries in Saudi Arabia and Israel ignored the requests for comment. Center for International Communication of the Saudi Information Ministry also did not respond.

Massive quantities of gas were found by the Israeli firms in Israeli waters around a decade ago but have strived to realize the fuel’s potential. The partners developing the biggest reservoir of Israel have signed $25bn in contracts, however, still, have over 80 percent of the reservoir free to any buyers. Saudi Arabia seemed willing to fill that gap.