Indonesia-based seasoning brand Sasa has appointed Grey Indonesia for its release in the Malaysia market.

Rendering to Grey, the win was the result of borderless cooperation between Indonesia and Malaysia offices of the agency.

The declaration:

Sasa, the pioneer of Indonesia’s seasoning products and one of the brands below Rodamas Group, has officially joined Grey Indonesia for the brand’s launch in the Malaysian market. Rodamas is one of the biggest conglomerates in Indonesia, housing a multitude of companies and brands ranging from consumer goods to heavy industries. Sasa, a renowned household brand in Indonesia, is looking to make advances overseas, starting with Malaysia as its pilot market.

The win was made possible through borderless teamwork between Grey Indonesia and Grey Malaysia. Both offices will be accountable for the digital-led integrated launch slated for December of this year.

Michelle Claudia Tjindarbumi, Regional Marketing Executive, PT Rodamas Inti International: “We are excited about the international marketing of this new project, I trust this will be a good collaboration with Grey, and we are looking forward to the exciting expedition ahead.”

Subbaraju Alluri, CEO, Grey Indonesia &Thailand: “We are truly privileged to be partnering with Sasa on this exciting brand expedition into international markets. This win would not have been conceivable without the amazing borderless teams in Indonesia and Malaysia.”

Irene Wong, CEO, Grey Malaysia: “This is a great example of when a system works. Our teams worked as one on this proposal, sharing insights and thoughts to create a truly borderless solution. When we work together like this from the outset, rather than just accepting finished work, we double our competences to everyone’s benefit.”