By resorting to “Smart Technology”, Taiwan's mechanical engineering industry aims to establish a solid position in the global markets. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in this strategy. Due to this strength as well as its competitive and broad product range, Taiwan can now stand up to the established mechanical engineering countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.

Digitalization is a high priority for the island. The digital economy is being driven forward and is making itself felt in all areas of life. The government and the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (Tami) are also committed to the development and production of high-quality semiconductors for AI applications.

Taiwan is Stemming Billion-Dollar Investment in Artificial Intelligence. They also attach importance to software development and information security. To this end, Taipei adopted the Taiwan Artificial Intelligence Action Plan in early 2018. Among other things, the plan provides for a budget of almost $ 1.23 billion. The money will be used between 2018 and 2021 to improve personnel and regulatory conditions as well as for research and application of artificial intelligence.

In an interview with MM Maschinenmarkt, Tami Chairman Alex Ko explains that concepts such as “Smart Technologies” and “Smart Manufacturing” go hand in hand. “Artificial intelligence plays an extremely important role in this process. As a country that is heavily dependent on exports, Taiwan achieved a record export volume of $ 27.4 billion in all segments of the mechanical engineering industry in 2018,” says Ko. He points out that Taiwan, with a population of 23 million, is a relatively small market and therefore highly dependent on exports. “The key to future growth and success is smart manufacturing,” the Tami boss is convinced.