R-rated Joker by director Todd Phillips has only just entered the billion-dollar group at the box office around the globe. According to a statement on deadline.com, Thursday's international haul stood at $999.1 million, and earlier today it clocked $317 million overseas.

The superhero film starring Joaquin Phoenix is also intended to produce $600 million in revenue for Village Roadshow and Bron Warners and affiliates. Each of the two collaborators has a 25% investment in the movie, hollywoodreporter.com says.

Joker is also the fourth DC series to surpass $1bn, following Aquaman ($1.15bn), The Dark Knight Rises ($1.084bn) and The Dark Knight ($1.005bn), unadjusted for growth.

Although it is not priced like a typical superhero film, it is the 13th live-action comic book film to raise $1 billion

Joker had indeed passed Deadpool ($783 million) becoming the all-time top-grossing R-rated movie, not inflation-adjusted.

Joker had become the sixth Warner Brothers film to mark the landmark in the billions of dollars. All other names are the last Harry Potter film ($1.34 billion) and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ($1.02 billion) in contrast to Aquaman and the two Dark Knight films.

The number rises to seven if Lord of the Rings counts: the King's return ($1.13 billion).

With regards to other DC franchises in the post-Christopher Nolan era, Man of Steel generated $668 million worldwide, preceded by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($873.6 million), Suicide Squad ($746.8 million), Wonder Woman ($821.8 million) and Justice League ($657.9 million).