Worldwide demand for healthcare analytical testing services is growing at a rapid pace. Global demand for healthcare analytical testing services is expected to be driven by increasing demand by pharmaceutical companies, companies providing healthcare analytical services, a large number of services outsourced by biopharmaceutical companies, and high demand of tests required for biosimilar compounds and biologics.

The growth in the implementation of FTE contracts in R&D and outsourcing is expected to be the major factor attributing to the growth of healthcare analytical testing services market. However, lack of trained and technically sound professionals may act as a restraint for healthcare analytical testing services market growth. Emerging countries are expected to bring new growth avenues for healthcare analytical testing services manufacturers.

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The report explains a thorough overview of the current growth dynamics of the global market with the help of enormous market data covering all key aspects and market segments. The report represents the current state of the market based on a detailed analysis of all key factors that are expected to affect that demand in the near future, it will evaluate the market situation by 2026. And the feasibility of investment. It also provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of every aspect of the market and captures industry trends that emerge.

Companies Profiled in this report includes,

Almac Group (UK), Exova Group (UK), Eurofins Scientific (Luxembourg), PPD (US), Source BioScience (UK), LabCorp (US), Anabiotec (Belgium), Charles River Laboratories (US), Intertek Group (UK), Wuxi PharmaTech (China), and BioReliance (US).

Key Takeaways from this Report
  • Evaluate market potential through analyzing growth rates (CAGR %), Volume (Units) and Value ($M) data given at country level – for product types, end use applications and by different industry verticals.
  • Understand the different dynamics influencing the market – key driving factors, challenges and hidden opportunities.
  • Get in-depth insights on your competitor performance – market shares, strategies, financial benchmarking, product benchmarking, SWOT and more.
  • Analyze the sales and distribution channels across key geographies to improve top-line revenues.
  • Understand the industry supply chain with a deep-dive on the value augmentation at each step, in order to optimize value and bring efficiencies in your processes.
  • Get a quick outlook on the market entropy – M&A’s, deals, partnerships, product launches of all key players for the past 4 years.
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