The Global Digital Freight Brokerage Market is accounted by 2026 growing at a CAGR of +60% during the forecast period.

Empty miles account for about 40-30% of all trips made by commercial trucks globally. This translates to fuel waste, non-productive emissions, wasted driver hours, inflated operational costs as well as unnecessary road congestion.

Empty miles are primarily on account of empty-back hauls due to the inherent opacity and slowness of the traditional road-freight brokerage process. Digital brokerage solutions- whether load boards or automated-on-demand solutions, popularly referred to as 'Uber for Trucks', have tremendous potential to solve the problem of empty miles.

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The Research Insights added a new analytical data of Digital Freight Brokerage market, which focuses on effective strategies of the business framework. It highlights the recent market trends, growth in the past decade, and upcoming opportunities in front of the business. The research methods and tools used to analyze the studies are both primary and secondary research. The study further presents details on the funds initiated by different organizations, and industries.

Companies Profiled in this report includes,

Echo Global Logistics, Coyote Logistics, Transfix, LLC, Convoy, Cargomatic, Trucker Path, J.B. Hunt Transport, Cargocentric, Uber Freight, TGMatrix Limited

It helps to examine the different key factors, such as prices and manufacturing base of several industries. Different attributes of working methodsare analyzed by considering the different regions, such as North America, Latin America, Japan, China, and India. The research methodologies lare used to estimate the workflow.  It focuses on the market segmentations, to identify the prospects, distributers and consumers, to enlarge the industries rapidly.

Different verticals are considered while analyzing the leading key players of-market. Finally, it focuses on drivers and opportunities, which are the pillar of business development.

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Table of Content:

Global Digital Freight Brokerage Market Research Report 2019-2026

Chapter 1: Industry Overview

Chapter 2: Digital Freight Brokerage Market International and China Market Analysis

Chapter 3: Environment Analysis of Market.

Chapter 4: Analysis of Revenue by Classifications

Chapter 5: Analysis of Revenue by Regions and Applications

Chapter 6: Analysis of Digital Freight Brokerage Market Revenue Market Status.

Chapter 7: Analysis of Industry Key Manufacturers

Chapter 8: Sales Price and Gross Margin Analysis of Market.

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