mHealth or mobile health refers to the use of mobile devices for health care services. mHealth broadly includes multimedia technology and mobile communications within wireless and mobile healthcare systems. mHealth app is a program installed on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and more. The mHealth app can be used for general health and fitness tracking, remote patient monitoring, counseling, disease management, and more.

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Key Player Included in Report: iTriage,WebMD,Couch-to-5K,I'm Expecting – Pregnancy App, Fooducate – Healthy Food Diet, RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk, Strava Cycling – GPS Riding, Fitbit,  iBlueButton

mHealth Apps Type Outlook


Lifestyle Management

Nutrition & Diet

Women's Health

Medication Adherence

Healthcare Providers/ Payors

Disease Management


Depending on the application, the Mobile healthcare app market is divided into data aggregation, reimbursement, public health surveillance, data integration, decision support, clinical trials, quality reporting and clinical guidelines.

On the basis of end users, the market is divided into healthcare providers, healthcare providers and healthcare IT providers. Provider subcategories are further divided into providers and health information exchange. The healthcare payer subcategory is further divided into individual payers and open payers.

By region, the global Mobile healthcare app market is divided into the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. America is divided into North and Latin America. North America is further divided into the United States and Canada. The European region is divided into two parts-Western and Eastern Europe. Western Europe is divided into Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and other Western Europe. The Asia Pacific region is subdivided into Japan, China, India, Australia, Korea, and other Asia Pacific regions. The Mobile healthcare app market in the Middle East and Africa has been split into the Middle East and Africa.

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