The K-12 Student Information System (SIS) stores and tracks all student data required for teachers and / or administrators to manage classrooms or operate schools. Information such as grades and attendance records is tracked through these platforms. Many K-12 SISs provide students with access to information relevant to them.

Parents will also generally have access to K-12 SIS. SIS distinguishes these tools from higher education SIS. Many K-12 student information systems have an SMS feature that allows teachers and parents to communicate directly. This allows the teacher to keep parents up to date on their child’s social and academic achievement in the classroom. K-12 SIS can be integrated with the Learning Management System (LMS) and classroom management tools in general.

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A bird’s eye view of the global K-12 Software market has been presented with key drivers, restraints, threats, and challenges. In addition to this, to address the challenges faced by different stakeholders, it offers effective approaches. A major chunk of this informative report talks about the branding techniques that are and will influence the market’s growth. It will help to both existing businesses as well as new startups.

Companies Profiled in this report includes,

IGradePlus, Campus Calibrate, Administrator’s Plus, Moment, Socrates Learning Platform, Cheqdin, SchoolPass, Digistorm Funnel, Moodle, Jamf Pro, Schoology, Hero, Brightspace, Workday Financial, SchoolMint, SmartClass, EduHappy, Schoolbox and Other

In the last section of the report, it offers informative data of different manufacturers responsible for the growth of the market. For a better understanding of the market, this research study has been presented by using graphical presentation techniques like chart, graphs, tables, and pictures. It will help to both existing players as well as new entrants in the market.

Market opportunities are discussed in detail.
  • The key target audience for the market has been determined in the report.
  • The revenue generated by the prominent industry players has been analyzed in the report.
  • The market numbers have been calculated using top-down and the bottom-up approaches.
  • The K-12 Software market has been analyzed using Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.
  • The market is segmented on the basis of loan type and deployment which in turn is bifurcated on regional and country level.
  • All the segments have been evaluated based on the present and the future trends.
  • The report deals with the in-depth quantitative and qualitative analyses of the K-12 Software market.
  • The report includes the detailed company profiles of the prominent market players.
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