Portugal has been emerging a tech hotspot for Western Europe and potentially building up its reputation of becoming the Silicon Valley of the European continent.

Portugal has seen many tech giants at its doorstep but also the dawn of new startups spawning some amazing top of the line tech innovations which have the potential to change the world and Portugal is more than proud to be home to such a feat. Lisbon, Portugal-based artificial intelligence company Unbabel, which opened its Pittsburgh office in September, raised a $60 million Series C financing round. The company uses AI translation technology to enable companies to engage with their customers in any language. According to the release, tech giants Microsoft and Facebook have both incorporated Unbabel’s tech into their customer communication operations.  Unbabel co-founder and CEO Vasco Pedro stated that they were translating over 1,000,000 customer service messages a month which is a little more than five-time what they used to achieve in 2018. This amazing feat achieved by the company is just groundbreaking news in the tech industry and the fact that it's financing in Portugal is phenomenally large just sums up how big of a tech giant hub Portugal has become.

This news is sure to spawn some more huge names of tech to come to Portugal for business and this is just good news to the ears of the Portuguese people as well as the administration who has played an important role in this tech uprising.