SINGAPORE: The take-up rate for insurance has been sluggish among individual personal mobility devices (PMD) users here, but some insurers that propose such policies said they have seen an uptick in interest lately and are expecting more sign-ups ahead.

This came after new guidelines, such as mandatory registration of electric scooters, came in, while others are being mulled by the authorities. Accidents comprising PMDs, meanwhile, have continued to increase, they stated.

Presently, insurance policies targeted at users of PMDs, which comprise the likes of e-scooters, power-assisted bicycles, hoverboards and electric unicycles, are presented by NTUC Income, Etiqa Insurance, AXA Insurance and the Automobile Association of Singapore (AA Singapore).

Premiums extend from S$65 to S$96 for a year’s coverage against injuries, permanent disabilities or accidental death while consuming a PMD in Singapore. Etiqa Insurance also offers plans that cover one, three and six months at premiums of S$26, S$39 and S$59, correspondingly.

All four insurers also cover third-party liability when a PMD rider gets into a mishap. Such coverage permits victims to lodge claims for damages, and this extends from S$200,000 to S$1 million.

This is not classically found in personal accident plans, insurers stated, and is an “important” coverage given that the increasing popularity of PMDs has also led to a growth in the number of accidents linking these devices.

“Along with safe riding practices, being insured against the possible risks linked with the use of these bicycles and PMDs is taking accountability not only for self, but also for others should an unfortunate mishap occur,” stated NTUC Income’s vice president Annie Chua.