The United Arab Emirates has taken part in the 9th International Conference on Mars & the 37th Meeting of the Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group, which was recently held at the California Institute of Technology, Caltech, California.

The United Arab Emirates’ delegation was headed by the Deputy Project Manager of the Emirates Mars Mission, Chair of the UAE Council of Scientists, and the Minister of State for Advanced Sciences, Sarah Bint Yousif Al Amiri.

The conference which is held once in every 4 years, marks an ideal opportunity for examining the latest major scientific discoveries made by countries all over the world and is devoted to bringing together global researches in space exploration. It functions as a platform for reviewing the means of developing & leveraging scientific projects aimed at exploring the red planet, & introduces technologies which will be leading to space exploration & achieving scientific objectives in the upcoming years.

Al Amiri while speaking during a session at the conference, shed light on the Mars Mission of Emirates and stressed that the United Arab Emirates is investing greatly in human capital, knowledge & the future.

She added that the space exploration programs of the country are the main pillar of establishing a technological and scientific renaissance in the United Arab Emirates and the wider region.

A significant milestone has been marked by the Emirates Mars Mission in the journey of knowledge transfer about space technology and science. There are enormous potentials in this this critically central sector & it holds valuable opportunities for promoting the development of scientific capabilities & knowledge creation, all of which sum up the long-term vision of the United Arab Emirates of building a diverse knowledge-based economy for the future, she added.