Trimmers/Variable Capacitors that store the initial calibration purpose of the equipment during manufacture or service. Trimmer capacitors are usually mounted directly on the printed circuit board (PCB), so the user can not set them during manufacturing using a small screwdriver, so the user will not have access to this circuit. Due to its characteristics, trimmer capacitors are cheaper than full-size variable capacitors and are associated with much less adjustment. Trimmer capacitors are used to initialize the oscillator frequency values, latency, rise and fall times, and other variables in the circuit. To check the value drift over time, this trimmer capacitor can be used to recalibrate the equipment when a repairman is needed. There are basically two types of capacitor air trimmer capacitors and ceramic trimmer capacitors.

Trimmers/Variable Capacitors   or boil machines are medical equipment used by anesthesiologists, anesthesiologists and nurse anesthesiologists to facilitate anesthesia care. Currently, most machines support a continuous flow anesthetic system designed to manage the continuous and accurate flow of medical gases (such as nitrous oxide or oxygen) diluted with the anesthetic gas at the measured concentration. The Trimmers/Variable Capacitors   controls the supply of the anesthetic gas to the patient without interruption. The latest machines are integrated with patient monitoring devices, suction devices and ventilators.

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Top Companies in the Global Trimmers/Variable Capacitors   Market: Murata, Sprague Goodman, Voltronics Corporation, Vishay, Tusonix, Johanson, Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc., AVX Corporation, Suntan Capacitors, Exxelia group, TDK Electronics AG, Fu-Shan Electronic and others.

On the basis of Application:
  • Electronic Components
  • Medical Devices
  • Communication Equipment
  • Other Application
On the basis of Types
  • Air Gap Variable Capacitors
  • Vacuum Variable Capacitors
  • Sf6 Gas Filled Variable Capacitor
  • Air Gap Trimmer Capacitors
  • Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
  • Others
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