The global VOC Recovery And Abatement market is estimated at US $ +480 million in 2019 and is expected to reach US $ +710 million by 2026, with a CAGR +4% during the forecast period.

VOCs are organic chemicals with a high vapor pressure at normal room temperature. The high vapor pressure is due to the low boiling point that causes many molecules to evaporate or sublimate from liquid or solid compounds and enter the surrounding air, known as volatile. Volatile organic compound (VOC) recovery equipment is used to recover the vapors of compounds such as natural gas and gasoline.

Key players in VOC Recovery And Abatement Market: The Linde Group, Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc., Climate Technologies Corp., DCL International Inc., Multi Fan Systems Limited, Praxair Technology, Inc., VOCZero Ltd., Wartsila Corporation, Bay Environmental Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC LLC, TANN Corporation, Baker Furnace, Inc., CECO Environmental Corp, PETROGAS system Inc., Polaris s.r.l., Air Clear, LLC., Catalytic Products International, Inc., Epcon Industrial Systems LP, Amcec Inc.

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Segmentation of VOC Recovery And Abatement Market:

By Type:
  • Oxidizers
  • Filtration Systems
  • Membranes Separations
  • Scrubbers And Strippers
  • Condensation
  • Adsorbent Systems
By Applications:
  • Petrochemical Company
  • Manufacturer Company
  • Other
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