Japanese auto industry has been under the bus following the global auto crisis that has caused billions to the international trade markets as well as ruining the balances of the economies.

The Japanese auto industry has been an essential and crucial part of the Japanese economy and the nation has been well known for its amazing innovations in the industry. President of the United States Donald Trump and the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe have been aiming to sign a trade deal at a meeting at the sidelines during the United Nations General Assembly in New York that is supposed to grant increased access to Japan for U.S. agricultural goods and bilateral cuts in industrial goods tariffs. But the limited trade deal excludes changes to tariffs and trade rules governing autos, which is the biggest source of the $67.6 billion U.S. trade deficit with Japan. The auto industry is hoping that they get some cuts in this deal as the industry is just falling apart and some slack cuts from the United States could help stabilize the situation and give the industry a chance to survive and stay financially viable. The auto industry of the japan is being promoted by the trade ministers too and financial and tax leverages are being planned to encourage the industry to innovate and try to grow their sales once again.

The Japanese economy needs the auto industry as it is an essential part of the income of the nation and it is also planning some policies to favor foreign investments in the sector which have fallen substantially.