One of the strongest and most sophisticated new technologies in the world is Internet of Things, which focuses on connecting our planet through the digital world. According to recent reports and studies, the Internet of Things is crucial in United Arab Emirates in order for it to grow and reach its anticipated values. The study focused on interviewing different companies in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and accordingly results showed that 68% of the companies in UAE agree on the need for IOT while 66% of the companies in Saudi Arabia also agree.

This was complimented by a launch done between Honeywell, YouGov and IDC through a program known as “IIoT Market Spotlight – UAE & Saudi Arabia” to study and involve IOT in the sector.

This was commented on by the president for Honeywell, High Growth Regions, Middle East, Russia and Customs Union known as Norm Gilsdorg by saying, “Digitalization initiatives and Industrial Internet of Things technologies are revolutionizing the way companies across the Middle East operate, by connecting disparate systems across industrial operations to derive previously untapped information that can drive new growth. Our survey reflects a strong and growing appetite to embrace digitalization across UAE and Saudi Arabia. Our customers are generating more data from increasingly connected operations, and are asking for technologies to aggregate this data and convert it into insights that drive profitability. Through the right combination of hardware, software, analytics and cyber security, these companies are poised to realize the gains Industry 4.0 has to offer.”