Japanese Automotive industry has been a respected name in the automotive world for a long time with names like Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Honda, and many other big names in the industry being of Japanese origin.

Also, Japan is an electronic market giant. Japan's remarkable technological advancements make it a standard in the industry. Japan once dominated the consumer electronics market, now it is aiming to dominate the Automotive diode and LCD market. As we move towards the electric vehicles more and more electronic elements will be needed by the automotive industry which Japan can provide and that too, top of the line technological elements. There are speculations about Global Automotive Diode Market to strongly dominate the global economy with a substantial growth rate in the coming years. Promptly developing industry infrastructure, increased product commercialization, and drifting demands of the Automotive Diode are strengthening the Automotive Diode industry’s footholds to become more influential and significantly contribute to international revenue generation.  With  Renesas Electronics (Japan), NOK (Japan),  HigashineShindengen (Japan), Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device (Japan), IAM Electronics (Japan), KODENSHI (Japan), Kyosemi (Japan), Moriroku Precision (Japan), Nihon Inter Electronics (Japan), NNP Denshi (Japan), Origin Electric (Japan), Rohm (Japan), Sanken Electric (Japan), SEMITEC (Japan), Shindengen Electric Manufacturing (Japan), System Engineers (Japan), Toko (Japan), Tokyo Cosmos Electric (Japan), these companies are key players in this newly developing industry. Sales and revenue through this industry are expected to grow substantially in the coming years.

Japan with its technological might and prowess can easily dominate the automotive electronics market and by the looks of it, it seems the domination is underway.