The FCA agreement that has been all over the news and invading Japan is the most talked issue in the automotive industry. This is a deal created between Renault and Fiat to create a joint vehicle known as FCA which will contain features from both companies making it the hottest trend out there. However, due to fallback with Nissan and prior deals between Renault and Nissan which disallows the company to have deals with other competitors.

There has also been other setbacks and problems internally in the company which stopped the deal as a whole. However, recent reports suggest that the government of Japan were behind the sabotage, as they had concerns with deals with the French government. The Japanese government is able to reassure the case and situation with the French government and Fiat; which is what France needs to not lose a deal as big as Nissan’s which lasted for almost 20 years. However, the Japanese government has a lot of concerns which is why they decided to take a step back and try to stop the deal from happening.

More concerns are occurring considering the leadership of Senard who is a board members in Fiat as he went forward with the Nissan deal without involving the rest of the company. Hence, Japan had concerns on whether or not they should move with the deal and trust the new board members of Fiat who are definitely messing up the current relatons.