Iphones are probably one of the most commercial and popular products all over the planet. However, it is also known that most of the chips and boards fabricated inside the phone is actually made in Japan. This has increased the competition in Japan between the companies on who is the more advanced and can provide better quality products in order to obtain a contract with Apple.

Only recently, Lasertec Corp. one of the leading companies in making chips in Japan was able to develop a new and better equipment than the one provided for Apple. The company has been developing for a period of two years a product that will contain more transistors on the chips. This is the main technology that helps any of the new inventions in our planet work.

The company was able to use a new method of extreme ultraviolet lithography which allowed them to add more transistors on the same short circuit board. The technology works by moving laser on squares on a very small scale (smaller than DNA). This technique known as lithography will allow larger numbers of transistors to be implemented on the board.

This causes a great shift in the semiconductors industry, fighting all the current leading companies. The company has already released their product reaching over ¥4 billion machines as orders from their clients. The president of the company called Osamu Okabayashi commented on their technology saying, “We spent six years developing this equipment. At this point it’s become an industry standard and it would be very difficult for somebody else to enter the space.”