According to new news reports, certain nuclear technology has been leaked to the United Arab Emirates on behalf of orders by the president of South Korea Moon Jae-in. This was due to a policy that he released lately to phase out the knowledge and the technology from South Korea in their nuclear energy field due to their concerns of having certain problems and leaks in their systems.

However, leakage of nuclear power knowledge is of great importance as it might lead to many different threats to any country on the political level. Countries known each other’s problems and systems in a field as sensitive as the nuclear field is of great danger.

This was commented on by a  professor at Sogang University called Lee Duck-hwan who said the following: "After the Moon government's post-nuclear policy, nearly 300 officials left KHNP or other nuclear power firms and a significant number of them are suspected to have moved to foreign nuclear power firms already. This means that risks of a technology leak have grown significantly as the domestic nuclear engineering industry collapses, and the only option for Korea to prevent such leaks is hoping former KHNP personnel will not leak the information. Imagine that nuclear power firms from France or China are maintaining the Barakah plant in turns. To maintain the facility, there is no possible way but to share the blueprint of APR 1400 with those firms, which is giving away technology which Korea put a huge amount of money and effort into developing.”