Reports allege a fresh strike of London Overground workers over their pay. As a result of two days of industrial action earlier this month, members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union will walk out for 24 hours on May 16. The travel safe officers are employed by STM security and are responsible for vigilance against increasing anti-social and violent behavior on the railways. The workers allegedly aim for other industrial actions of a strike in the future. This will be their second time around for an industrial action, which was observed earlier in April in a 48- hour walk out. In a similar situation, London Overground Vinci Cleaners also participated in a 48-hour strike from April 4 to April 6 and disputed over pay and conditions.

The RMT trade union announced in a statement that this time the London Overground workers will protest a pay freeze which “effectively means a slide into poverty pay.” An announcement by the RMT general secretary Mick Cash also states that in spite of previous action strike, the company failed to take a favorable action. According to the reports, “if their important job on the London Overground” isn’t given the pay it deserves, the RMT is “ready to enter into serious negotiations in order to resolve the dispute.” His statement also added that a pay freeze for workers on a low wage was like an ‘insult’ and representation of ‘pay cut in real terms’.

On the other hand, the general manager for London Overground said the issue was between the parties of RMT Union and STM Security. He also added that measures of high level of safety and security were maintained for London Overground services and that the parties should sit down and talk through issues in order to resolve them.